Glass Tea Water Bottle with Infuser Tumbler Double Wall 400ml Loose Tea and Water Separation Tea Bottle Mug for Travel

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Double Glass Water Bottle Tea Water Separation Tea Kettle Cup

Product description:
Leak proof - the screw top is completely leak proof so you can take it with you or put it in your handbag/backpack

1. Environmentally friendly material: Made of non-toxic borosilicate glass, it is very safe and does not contain BPA / lead.

It preserves the natural fruit flavor of the beverage, prevents oxidation and does not produce strange odors

2. High borosilicate heat: heat-resistant double-layer glass bottles are safe for boiling and ice water.

This carafe is a favorite of people who like juice, milk, coffee, no longer need to take care of erosion

3. Use a good quality metal infuser to fill the 450ml bottle into a delicious tea using a tea bag.

4. Multi-Function Filter: Unique Filter Adds Tea and Fruit Juice - With our practical tea and fruit inserts,

you can easily convert your classic drinking bottle into a tea or fruit infuser in a short time so that You can enjoy freshly brewed or fresh tea sparkling juice at any time and anywhere -

without leaving any tea or fruit residue in the drink.

Product information:
Color: pink, black, silver
Size: 20 × 7 × 7CM
Capacity: upper half 23ML / lower half 120ML
Practical method:
Put the tea into the upper part, then add the water to the lower part. Turn the cup to soak the tea leaves and feel the time is over.
1PC cup